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The Honda Prologue electric SUV is coming in 2024

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the honda prologue electric suv is coming in 2024

Honda‘s first incursions into the market for battery-electric cars have not been as successful as the brand would have liked. Both the Honda Clarity EV, sold in the United States, and the Honda e, destined for the European market, have received strong criticism for their low autonomy by comparison with the values offered by the competition.

However, something is changing within the Japanese firm. The company recently abandoned the hydrogen fuel cell, deciding to bet once and for all on battery-electric cars. The Honda company has announced that by 2035, almost 80% of its world sales will correspond to this type of vehicle, while in 2040, it will be a 100% electric brand at a global level.

To achieve its ambitious electrification goals, Honda will not only make use of its self-developed technology but will also exploit its strategic alliance with General Motors, one of the most advanced groups in the field of electric mobility today. The first model resulting from this union will arrive in 2024 under the Honda Prologue name.

Honda Prologue electric SUV

We will get an electric SUV built on the Ultium electric-vehicle platform from General Motors under this suggestive name, a tribute to the celebrated Honda Prelude coupe sold from 1978 to 2001. Among other things, this SUV will use the latest Ultium battery technology, developed in collaboration with LG Chem.

Honda Prologue electric SUV

Honda Prologue

Honda Prologue

Honda Prologue

Honda claims it has consistently achieved record sales of electrified vehicles for the past three years. Led by the Honda CR-V Hybrid and the Honda Accord Hybrid, it has just had its best first half-year for electrified vehicle sales.

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