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Intel Alder Lake i5-12400 Posts Impressive Benchmark

Those Golden Cove cores are certainly doing it right.

by futureq
intel alder lake i5-12400 posts impressive benchmark

Not a day goes by when we are not hit by some new rumor or benchmark of Intel Alder Lake —  and no wonder. The processors are set to release sometime next month, bringing with them exciting upgrades that will undoubtedly put them on the list of best CPUs. This time it is the turn of Intel’s Core i5-12400, a mid-range processor from Intel’s Alder Lake lineup, was tested in three different benchmarks. The results do nothing to subside the growing hype, and in one of the tests, the CPU beats AMD’s entire Ryzen 5000 line. For now take these benchmarks with a healthy does of salt.

The bench results were shared on Bilibili, a Chinese social media platform. The leaker covered most of the identifying information about the name of the CPU, leaving behind only that it’s a 12th Gen Core i5 processor and the number “400” at the end. This makes it fairly easy to guess that the CPU in question is most likely an Intel Core i5-12400.

It’s good to note that the Core i5-12400 is based entirely on Golden Cove architecture. This means it won’t feature a mix of Efficiency (small) cores and Performance (big cores). Instead, this CPU has six cores, all of them of the Performance variety. The CPU was tested in CPU-Z, AIDA64, and Cinebench R20 benchmarks.

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